Board of Directors


Austin Reed

Founder, Member at Large

The Kaniksu Ultras team wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for Austin Reed. Austin is an active-duty USAF SERE Specialist, an avid endurance athlete, and certified Race Director through the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).


Ricky Haro

President, Race Director

Ricky served as a USAF SERE Specialist. He is an avid endurance athlete who thrives on hard challenges like Badwater 146 and attempting the Nolan's 14. He is a certified Race Director through RRCA.


Andy Ballard

Vice President

Andy served as a SERE Specialist and then went on to pursue Outdoor Recreation Majors. He is a trail runner as well as mountaineer. Andy has several years experience volunteering for Kaniksu Ultras.


Jarrod Evans

Marketing/Sponsorship, Member at Large

Jarrod served as a SERE Specialist and also served in several capacities as a volunteer for the event. Jarrod loves the outdoors and can be found hiking, fishing, and riding in the summertime and hitting the slopes in the winter.


Jason Marez

Logistics & Communications, Member at Large

Jason served as a SERE Specialist and knows every aspect of Kaniksu Ultras events. He has participated in several Emory Corwine Memorial Ruck Races. He is also an avid trail runner.